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Isn't it time a project went Right?

...Then it's time to call E-Tech!

When you’re ready for a project to come in on-time and within budget, you’re ready to call E-Tech. Our team of experienced professionals has a track record of successful projects. Call us before you start your project, we’ll keep you on track.  Call us when your project is in trouble, and we'll help bring it back in line.

Burdened with out of date processes?  Procedures not delivering?  E-Tech's professionals can assess your quality position and deliver a roadmap to success.

Confused by the convoluted workings of PeopleSoft Security?  Our experts can untangle the confusion and establish a working model that your security administrator can easily maintain.

Browse through our web site to learn more about the services we have to offer, and how our experienced consultants can help your company reach their technical goals.



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Break the Implementation Barrier!

Many in-house software implementations fail due to overly optimistic startups, unrealistic expectations and inadequate planning. E-Tech can lower your risk by staffing an experienced team to guide and lead your implementation efforts. From ERP software to Agile scrums to custom solutions, E-Tech offers a team-based approach to worry-free implementations. Our consultants provide broad-based skills including strong project management, change management and technical skills. This ensures a successful project while we train your staff in the process. Our toolkit includes templates, tools and plans to jump-start any project. E-Tech can provide the team to make your next implementation project succeed!


Our Mission:   

E-Tech is committed to delivering customized quality and technical solutions efficiently, effecting lasting change and delighting our customers!

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       (804) 550-0385

(804) 550-0385
General Information: kharman@e-techcorp.com


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